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#38 Standing Rock: The Spiritual Price to Unite.

December 13, 2016

Guest: Warrior Woman 

Broadcast Live: December 15th, 2016

An inspirational & real conversation with First Nations Revolutionary Activist, Warrior Woman (Nancy Walker), longtime companion & wife of Chief Ernie Longwalker, as we discuss the historical effects of white supremacy, broken promises, treaty violations and the continual systemic oppression of people of color in America.  We explore the events that led up to Standing Rock, the Hopi/ LaKota Prophecies and the future of decisions necessary to facilitate a complete separation and unity of people of color, ensuring that these violations will cease.

Host: Dr. Tisa Muhammad

Music Credits
Stand Up/ Stand N Rock (Standing Rock Official Video)
Elder Saginaw Grant of Oklahoma.... on Standing Rock
 Economic Boycott: Bring Back Honor to Jesus, Farrakhan
Water Warriors, The Lor Brothers (Standing Rock)
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